We nearly came to blows…over a comma?

My son and I had it out the other day. I don’t remember which of us began yelling first, but what started as an innocent conversation took less than a minute to escalate to an all-out screaming match. If our neighbors were unlucky enough to hear us, they probably guessed we were arguing about money, Read more about We nearly came to blows…over a comma?[…]

Adverbs, adjectives and other scary-sounding terms

Welcome back to “Grammar Snob Monday,” my nod to my inner (oh, okay, my outer) grammar geek. After reading last week’s post, one of my closest friends commented that her biggest peeve is when people of language authority (mainly television journalists and other screen media types) succumb to the larger society’s grammar lapses. Her example:  Read more about Adverbs, adjectives and other scary-sounding terms[…]

Grammar Snobs are People Too

Jeff Deck is my hero. In case you don’t know who he is, he wrote a book called “The Great Typo Hunt, Two Friends Changing the World, One Correction at a Time.” As you might imagine, the book chronicles a cross-continent journey Deck and his friend took to locate and eradicate public examples of those Read more about Grammar Snobs are People Too[…]