Voice – love me, love me not!

I’ve been commenting these past few weeks about a writer’s voice – the qualities that (in my opinion) make a voice strong or unique. While we work hard to define and refine our voices, it’s also important to remember that any writer’s voice will be pleasing to some, and not so pleasing to others. Some Read more about Voice – love me, love me not![…]

The Nation Speaks … in a Manner of Speaking

I worry sometimes that I wrote myself into a corner when I told you about robo-editing. Most of the problems I will discuss here twice monthly are caused by the robotic enforcement of rules that demand human judgment.   One of the hallmarks of robo-editing is the inability to read language figuratively. Robo-editors cannot appreciate Read more about The Nation Speaks … in a Manner of Speaking[…]

Be a Rebel…Break the Rules – by Alicia Dean

I have received a number of submissions over the years where the authors tried very hard to follow the ‘rules of writing.’ They tried so hard, in fact, that their stories were stiff and poorly written. I’m guessing it was the work of well meaning critique partners and overzealous contest judges. Don’t get me wrong, Read more about Be a Rebel…Break the Rules – by Alicia Dean[…]

Honesty (in voice) really is the best policy

I know, I know…. Cliché , cliché, cliché! But sometimes the clichés best express exactly what we mean, which is the case for what I want to talk about today:  honesty in voice. It’s the next installment of what I believe are the components of compelling voice in writing and character development. You know how Read more about Honesty (in voice) really is the best policy[…]

You’ve got personality … use it!

“Humility is no substitute for a good personality.” Fran Lebowitz Happy first Monday of 2013! Back in December, I wrote about my basic description of a writer’s voice. Today and for the next couple weeks I’d like to break that down into what I believe are the elements of a strong writer’s voice, beginning with Read more about You’ve got personality … use it![…]