Craft Monday: Beware the “ing”s!

When I first started writing fiction, I happened upon a writing tutorial that admonished to never, never, never start a sentence with an “ing” word. That bugged me, since one of my big rules is to mix up sentence structure. So I started to pay attention to what “the greats” did, and I found that Read more about Craft Monday: Beware the “ing”s![…]

Craft Monday: Demystifying gerunds…Wait. What?

Have you ever puzzled over the definition of a part of speech?  I have. It seems the farther I get from Mrs. Schilling’s 7th grade English class, the more foreign phrases like “split infinitive” become. So every once in a while we’ll tackle those funny-sounding parts of speech…just to keep you (and me!) on our Read more about Craft Monday: Demystifying gerunds…Wait. What?[…]