September 6, 2015

Mysteries of the Macabre | A Halloween Anthology

Halloween_cover1Six short stories — some sweet romance, some steamy romance, some suspense. Throw in teen angst, adults behaving badly, and ghostly appearances. What could be more fun?

Celebrate the spooky with MYSTERIES OF THE MACABRE, six stories by authors who know how to get the pulses racing, one way or another.

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Alicia DeanSCARRED
Gothic romance
Sometimes, the most haunting scars are the ones beneath the skin.
When Natalie Jayne moved away from her home town ten years earlier, she left behind painful memories, along with Simon, the man she loved. Now, she’s back on Halloween night to attend a memorial marking the one-year anniversary of the tragic passing of her childhood friend, Jessica. Rumors that Simon was responsible for Jessica’s death unnerve her. Even more disturbing is her unsettling attraction to a masked stranger she meets at the event. Her gift may be the key to unlocking the truth, but will it also lead to heartbreak?   Read an excerpt.

Erotic paranormal romance
Deirdre lost her husband, Cameron, one long-ago Halloween night, but every Halloween night brings the chance to get him back. She just needs to find a man willing to … get between them. Trip seems like a perfect choice. With his hard body and open mind, surely he won’t mind letting Cam borrow him for a night. If he’s into it, they’re in for one mind-blowing reunion. But if he resists, will Cam’s spirit be strong enough to protect her from the man she chose for him?  Read an excerpt.

Elvy Howard – GRANDMA’S WAY
General Fiction
Fifteen-year-old Caroline has one wish—to go to the Halloween dance with beautiful Bobby Ray. Only one person stands in her way—Momma, who forces her to spend time in a smelly, hot attic, sorting and packing her deceased grandmother’s belongings. But the discovery of a shocking secret brings new hope. Will her grandmother’s past lead to Caroline’s salvation or downfall?  Read an excerpt.

Leah St. James – BLOOD MOON
One Halloween night, a killer terrorized a strip of Virginia beachfront, murdering a dozen young women whose only crime was walking the beach with a lover. Now, fifty years later, book reviewer Ronnie can’t shake the feeling that another has come to take his place. Is her vivid imagination running wild, or are the spirits stirring, warning of approaching danger?

Satire/General fiction
Crystal and Roy never thought they could afford an all-inclusive seven-day trip to the tropics. After all, canned chili dinners and a wine cooler at the quick mart were the highlights of life in the trailer park. So what if the trip Crystal won required a time share presentation? It’s not like their credit would pass anyway. But is the resort everything the web page on the computer said it would be?

Rohn Federbush – THE FARM STRAY
General fiction
The discovery of an abandoned farm in the Michigan countryside triggers a vision of the farmer’s past—or is it more?

A young couple exploring the Michigan countryside stumble upon an abandoned farm. Drawn by its forlorn appearance, they explore. Eventually they’re chased away by the irate farmer, but not before the wife becomes intrigued by a weird kitchen latch at the back door, an elephant-headed rocking horse, and a rusting iron ring the size of her palm.

Back home, she’s pulled into memories she shouldn’t have. Did the farm’s spirits lure her into theirs, or did the old farm merely trigger her own?