Call for submissions!

Edward Allen Publishing is on the prowl for Halloween-themed stories to include in an anthology to be published in the fall of 2015!   The completed anthology will be distributed in eBook and POD paperback via national online retailers (e.g., Amazon, Barnes & Noble and more).   Interested? Read on.   Guidelines:   — Must Read more about Call for submissions![…]

Simple Keys to Realistic Dialogue

We here at Edward Allen know that one of the hardest things for authors to do is to write believable and compelling dialogue.  This post by Writer’s Digest gives suggestions on just how to do that:   This is part 1 of a 2 part entry by Writer’s Digest.  We will be posting Read more about Simple Keys to Realistic Dialogue[…]

New Distributor

We are pleased to announce that all Edward Allen Publishing titles are now available on our newest eBook distribution partner, Kobo Books. For more information, please visit

New Author – Renci Denham

Special Announcement   We are thrilled to welcome author Renci Denham from Kalamazoo, Michigan, into our publishing family. Renci is working on two manuscripts: urban fantasy “A Daughter of Man” and a YA fantasy “Crown of Nebuchadnezzar.” We love Renci’s imagination, her enthusiasm and her love of story-telling. Learn more about Renci here, and watch Read more about New Author – Renci Denham[…]

The Many Faces of Gage: Why Names Don’t Matter Like You Think They Do

I’d like to introduce you to someone. His name is Gage. While you and I are talking, he’s going to have a seat here in the back of your mind. You should consider updating the furniture back there, by the way. Just saying. I want to have a word with you about character names. Making Read more about The Many Faces of Gage: Why Names Don’t Matter Like You Think They Do[…]

Don’t Fall Into a Plot Hole and Break Your Story

I have read many books, seen many television shows and movies, and actually written some stories that contain plot holes. It’s not easy to prevent them. Even some of the most successful authors and movie makers are guilty of falling into plot holes. Hopefully, though, you can keep them to a minimum. There are various Read more about Don’t Fall Into a Plot Hole and Break Your Story[…]