Tightly Plotted or Loosey Goosey?

Even if you are a pantser instead of a plotter, at some point, if you write a story, you’re going to end up with a ‘plot.’ You need to make sure that the plot is tight and that each scene has a purpose, or you will come up with what some editors like to call Read more about Tightly Plotted or Loosey Goosey?[…]

Mother stories go for the gut

In my last post, I argued that in the ultimate show-down between writing and story, the story wins the prize as the more vital component of story-telling. It is the story, after all, that interests people, not writing. You can be the most technically proficient writer on the planet, or the most eloquent, and still Read more about Mother stories go for the gut[…]

The story’s the story – what makes you sit up and notice?

I recently read a group discussion among writers and editors that asked whether readers cared more about creative prose or an engaging story. The vast majority of respondents chose the story over the prose, and my first reaction was surprise. Without good writing, I said to myself, the story is lost. But after thinking about Read more about The story’s the story – what makes you sit up and notice?[…]