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Day_AlexaEAP: We’re so excited to include your story, “Three, After Midnight,” in our upcoming Halloween anthology, “Mysteries of the Macabre.”

AD: I’m excited, too! It’s so cool to be included with so many great authors, with such a variety of genres. Plus Halloween is my favorite holiday, so I was especially pleased to work with a Halloween theme.

Q: Your story isn’t quite macabre-ish, but it is mysterious…and just a tad freaky! The story is about a young widow (Deidre) who visits with her (dead) husband (Cam) each year on Halloween night, with some help from the living (Trip). (That’s all I’ll say. I don’t want to give too much away.) How did you come up with this story?

A: Really, Deirdre’s story is about what happens when you have to change your plans, something I personally hate doing. For the most part, I try to be a relatively easygoing person, but I find as I get older, I tend not to respond well to changes brought on by external circumstances! With Deirdre, I had a character who had really been thrown by changes, starting with the loss of the future she’d planned on having with Cam. I asked myself, “What would be the hottest way to make up for all these changes, at least temporarily?” This story is my best shot at an answer.

Q: I love the romance between Deidre and Cam. It’s still so vibrant, so loving. Looking ahead, can you see a point where Deidre will be able to move on and find new love?

A: I’ve gotten this question before! The first time someone asked me this, I had to smile to myself. I mean, I don’t want to give anything away, either, but I will say that I think I left Deirdre with a pretty sweet deal!

Q:Deidre’s Halloween costume plays a vital role in the story’s background—Cam has to run to the store to buy an accessory for her. Do you have your costume for this year already planned, or are you more of a last-minute costumer?

A: I like to plan well in advance—I don’t have Cam’s patience! I don’t want to pick through the leftovers after everyone else has gotten the good stuff! Fortunately, my place is filled with costume components, especially wigs, so I could throw something together at the last minute if I had to. But my favorite part of the holiday is choosing just the right outfit for just the right event, so I like to spend a lot of time tailoring my costume choices for the evening’s plans. I haven’t figured out what I’m going to do this Halloween, so I don’t know if I need something for dancing or for walking or for being outdoors. If I had to choose right now, though, I’d probably go as Michonne from The Walking Dead. I’ve got a nice dreadlock wig, and I should be able to come by a little plastic katana with no trouble. Hmm. That’s not a bad plan, actually. I’d get to meet a lot of sheriff’s deputies.

Q: You write erotica and erotic romance. In your bio you say you discovered romance “during an especially dark time in (your) life: (your) first year of law school,” and that you’re a “recovering attorney.” Have you ever been tempted to put that background to use and go the John Grisham route (attorney-themed stories), even within the context of your genre?

A: I used to say I would never in a million years write about the legal profession, but never is a mighty big word. Really, the law is a great place to put an erotic story. Lawyers have secrets they have to take to the grave. They live with constant professional pressures to compete with opponents and keep up with colleagues. Desperate people put their futures and their fortunes into lawyers’ hands every day. And I’ve heard that some lawyers out there are rolling in money, although I certainly don’t know any personally. Trust, secrecy, desperation, money, pressure — all those factors can come together in a pretty hot way. So maybe a lawyer story isn’t totally out of the question. Maybe.

Q: Bar-tending is another of your past jobs. What’s your favorite drink to mix, and why?

A: I’m a beer drinker, so my favorite bevvie is the michelada, which is a beer cocktail kind of like a Bloody Mary. You put a little lime juice and a bit of Worcestershire sauce (or a soy sauce packet, if your Worcestershire bottle is scary) in the bottom of a glass and pour the beer on top. Then you give it a couple of spanks of hot sauce, drop in the lime, and sprinkle on a little black pepper. Once, I tried it with a spoonful of salsa in the bottom of the glass, which was a lovely change. It’s spicy and cool and a little weird, but they sure are refreshing on a hot day, and they really give lighter beers a more interesting taste!

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  • OMG! Thanks for hosting me. I love Halloween, and I had such a great time with this story! Can’t wait to hear more from my antho-mates. 🙂

    • We love your story and know others will as well! We’re excited with the range of genres in the anthology. We hear from so many readers that they enjoy reading a broad range of genres, so why stick to one? This will have a little romance, a little steam, a little suspense, but lots of creepy or freaky. It is a Halloween anthology after all!

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