Meet Julieann Dove

Dove_JulieAnn SMALLJulieann Dove writes contemporary romance stories that explore women and their relationships. In her third and latest, A Reason to Stay, commitment-shy Elise Newton must come to terms with past mistakes in order to free herself to love.

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We’re thrilled to introduce you to Julieann Dove.


EAP: How long have you been writing fiction, and what was the first piece of fiction you ever wrote?

Julieann: I began seriously writing in late 2012. I’m not even sure I gave it a title. Strangely it’s written from the hero’s Point of View. Talk about challenging! I have no idea why it came to me that way. But he’s suffering from a divorce and finds love again. I intend to revisit it and do some major revisions!

EAP: Since you first became serious about writing and publishing fiction, is there anything that has surprised you about the publishing business?

Juliann: How long it takes to get published. Minus all the queries to agents and submissions to editors, once it gets accepted, it seems like it takes forever to get in the hands of readers! There are so many steps. 🙂

EAP: I read that you collect dolls, both new and antique – er, as long as their eyes don’t follow you around the room. Is it true that you once had a “possessed” doll removed from your house? Should we expect to see that doll make an appearance in an upcoming book?

Juliann: Totally a true story! It was an antique doll that stood 3 feet tall and had a twin sister. My grandmother let me take one of them home one day. It was sitting in the kitchen and while I was on the sofa in the living room, a six pack of Coke bottles began rolling across the floor, out of the kitchen. I knew that doll had shifty eyes when I had it in the car! NO…no dolls in my books.Geogia-doll

EAP: What is your most treasured or favorite doll in the collection?

Juliann: I like true baby dolls. Ones that look like babies; not porcelain ones with older faces. Although my favorite doll is a Mary Englebreit. She’s a tiny thing and stands on my writing desk. I love her curls and the expression on her face.

EAP: On your website you mention that you love to cook—when you’re not being “watched” by hungry kids anyway. What are your family’s favorites? Can you share a favorite recipe?

Juliann: They love these chicken tenders that I make. They’re bite-sized pieces that I dip in melted butter, then dredge them through a flour concoction with other spices, then bake them for about 20 minutes. They also love my chocolate éclair dessert. You make it overnight to let all the goodness ooze together. It has graham crackers, cool whip, pudding, and homemade chocolate. Yum!

EAP: (Now you’re making me hungry!)
Anyway, with five children, and a job, plus a writing career, you must not get too much sleep. What is a typical day like? How do you fit writing in?

Juliann: I recently had to return to work full-time, so my days are very long. My commute is an hour and that gives me a lot of plotting time. When I get to work I write some of my ideas down in the parking lot! I get off, go home and instantly begin cooking dinner. After that, it’s clean up time, laundry time, homework time, and everyone shower and get to bed time! It wraps up around 9:30—the time I get to go to my desk, write out bills, answer emails, and write. Whew, I’m tired just reciting it!

EAP: With your large family, it makes sense that relationships (boyfriend/girlfriend, husband/wife, mother/daughter, siblings) would play a prominent role in your books.  A Reason to Stay is about a young professional woman whose scars from the past won’t allow her to love. What was your inspiration for writing the book – anything, or anyone, in particular?

Juliann: I dedicated the book to my husband, and for a good reason! I’m a commitment dodger. We dated five years before getting married. I would say that a lot of Elise came from my own personality!

EAP: A Reason to Stay takes place in California and Kentucky. Why those locales?

Juliann: I wanted a sharp contrast. Country versus city.

EAP: I read that you have a playlist (of songs) for each of your books. What was your playlist for A Reason to Stay?

Juliann: For this book, I delved into some country love songs from newer artists. Luke Bryan and Keith Urban to mention a few.

EAP: What are you currently reading?

Juliann: Sadly, I’m currently only writing. I find it difficult to read while I’m in the middle of writing a book. I become distracted by the voice of someone else I’m reading.

EAP: Is there anything else you’d like to share that I haven’t asked?

Juliann: The only thing I would add that is so very important to me when I write…and that is the inspiration for my characters. I imagine actual people when I write. I create a board for each of my books on Pinterest. I also have their pictures tacked on the wall above my computer.

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A Reason to Stay Cover Web_2A Reason to StayJulieann Dove

Commitment-shy Elise Newton has it all—
a dream job, a great house and a cardiologist
boyfriend who wants to marry her. When a
trip home to Kentucky, home of her first love,
forces Elise to confront family secrets that
forged her path in life, she must decide which
man will give her a reason to stay.

Release date June 1.

Available for Kindle pre-order, $3.49. Price
increases to $3.99 on June 1.