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LeahLeah St. James says she writes stories of mystery and suspense, good and evil, and the redeeming power of love. Her latest is “Blood Moon” which will appear in our Halloween anthology, “Mysteries of the Macabre.”

Q. Tell us about “Blood Moon.”

A. It’s a short story about a book reviewer who reads a true crime novel about a serial killer 50 years in the past. The murders took place near where she lives, around Halloween, and she lets her imagination run away with her. Or maybe it’s not her imagination. 🙂

Q. What made you use book reviewer as your heroine’s occupation?

A. I have a friend who reviews YA novels and it always sounded like a book lover’s paradise to me (although I try not to think about what it’s like having to write a not-so-great review).

Q. The moon plays a big role in the story. Why?

A. Yeah…I have a fascination with the moon and moon names. I’ve had the Full Blood Moon, which (according to the Farmers’ Almanac) is another name for the Harvest Moon, in my head for a couple years. It seemed to tie in perfectly with a Halloween theme.

Q. Your heroine’s husband is an FBI agent, which seems to be a common element in your stories. Is there a reason?

A. I guess I do seem fixated a bit on FBI agents. I worked for the Bureau years ago and always felt proud of that work. I wasn’t an agent, of course. I worked for a group that wrote commendation letters, so I got to see the case files, after the fact, to customize the letters to the case. It humbled me to learn how much goes on, the hard work they do, that never comes to public light. So I think of FBI agents as good guys. The hero and heroine in my first book, “Surrender to Sanctuary,” are both FBI agents, and they have to go undercover in a very literal way. I’m being interviewed about it over at if you’d like to read more.

Editor’s Note:  Surrender to Sanctuary is on sale, half price at $1.49, through Aug. 16. To read more about it, go here.

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