Meet Suzanne Hoos

Hoos_Suzanne-largerWe’re thrilled to introduce Suzanne Hoos, wonderfully talented author of a new adult dystopian science fiction(y)/adventure(y)/romanc(y) series. The first in the series, CONCEPTUAL, is now available in e-book at all major online retailers. Go here for an excerpt and buy links.

In CONCEPTUAL, we follow Kira Dearheart on the cusp of her 21st birthday. Things are normal for Kira–going to school, trying to ignore her mother, escaping in the arms of her boyfriend–when she discovers alarming truths that overturn everything she’s known of life to that point.

We asked Suzanne about her story. Here are her answers:

EAP: First, the name Kira Dearheart is intriguing. Did that just come to you, or did you go through a process to come up with it? Does it have any special significance?

SH: I came across an old manuscript where my main character’s name was Kira. I just liked the name and decided I’d give it new life. As for Dearheart…? I have no idea where that name came from. Sometimes names just pop in my head.

EAP: This is a standard question, but how did you come up with the story for CONCEPTUAL?

SH: I like to write “dark” and what’s darker than a dystopian society? These images have been swirling around in my head and I finally decided they needed to be put on paper. Add some erotic touches and I guess I’ve come up with a brand new genre!

EAP: Conceptual is the first in a series, and at the end of the book, Kira has just escaped a bit of a pickle but could well be entering another. Can you give readers a sneak peek at what’s next for Kira? How many books do you have planned in the series?

SH: Yes, Kira is in trouble. At least she thinks so. In the second book, she’s now in the Rebel camp, those who are against the corrupt government. It’s actually where she has to be, though she’s trying to figure out a way to escape.

I have three books planned. The second one is titled DECEPTION and the third is a working titled right now called FALLOUT.

EAP: Your other stories are romances. Although CONCEPTUAL has a love story element, and many sensual moments, it is not a romance as defined by industry standards. It’s more science fiction/adventure. Why did you decide to try a different genre?

SH: Quite simply, I get bored writing the same genres. I have thrillers and mysteries and historical romances I’m working on. I even have a Victorian Steampunk book that I’m really excited about. I’m trying my hand at fantasy, as well. I also have an idea for a contemporary romance that pits two friends together on a reality show. But I’ve found that writing a lighthearted book is difficult when you’re used to writing the “dark side.” I know, it sounds like I’m all over the place, but I like changing things up.

EAP: In your other life you teach junior high school English. How do your students feel about your fiction career?

SH: They’re really happy for me even though I told them they can’t read my books until they’re 18. I hope that seeing my success in publishing will make those students who love to write realize that someday, they can be published.

EAP: Where can readers learn more about you and your writing?

SH: Things are moving so quickly in this publishing world I’m immersed in that I need to catch up. Right now, I’m working on a website, but they can comment on my Facebook page at